Theresa Carandang

指導時間: 3650時間
経験年数: 3年


I'm Theresa, but please call me Trina. I'm a professional teacher and I've been teaching English as a second and foreign language across ages. Improving your English skills is my primary goal while making each class fun and interesting. Formal English lessons are very important for some students, but informal English classes can be as effective, so expect my class to be somewhere in between. My class is structured to maximize your learning and that includes both planned and spontaneous activities. I can promise very fulfilling and language rich classes. Are you planning to take an English test? You don't have to worry too much. I can help you reach your target score by tailoring the lessons based on your needs. If you want to know more about my educational background, you can check my profile down below. See you soon!


I taught English subjects in the early grades for four years. However, there was a sudden change in my teaching career last 2014; I actually received the opportunity to offer my English teaching services to college and university students. I also got to work with individuals who wish to meet their target score from a known English test for migration purposes and even people who wish to practice their professions in English speaking countries.



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