Sheerah Baldo

指導時間: 11時間
経験年数: 1年


My name is Sheerah Baldo, but people call me Mhatz. I grew up being surrounded by my 2 aunts who were both English Teachers. I was inspiredby their dedication to their sworn duties and discovered then my interest in teaching English. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pursue this passion due to some circumstances. I took a Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication when I was in college and through determination, finished my course as a working student.After graduating, I worked as a Financial Analyst with one of the largest banks in the US and experienced dealing with Americans and other races. It was a challenging job since apart from managing bank accounts, I was also assigned to pacify irate clients. However, it became a beneficial experience for me since I have improved both my people and communication skills. After years of service, I left the company and became a full-time mom to my growing kids. When they entered school, I became their tutor since getting one would cost us a lot of money. I suddenly realized my passion for teaching again so when I figured the option for me to work from the comfort of my home as an ESL Teacher, I grabbed the opportunity. Last year, I started teaching English to Chinese students. Finally, I got the chance to enjoy the tasks I always wanted to do such as vocabulary building, demonstrating proper pronunciation, introducing proper constructions of sentences and grammar plus conducting activities that target students' confidence.As a tutor, I focus on not just sharing knowledge but also aiming to be an integral part of my students' progress. I strongly believe that my students' achievements are my achievements too. It is one of my sincerest motivations as an educator. Proud to say, I have handled countless students who are more than satisfied with the results of taking English lessons with me.


My name is Sheerah Baldo and I am a certified multi-skilled Online English Teacher. I started off my career as a teacher with Acadsoc, where I taught basic, practical, and business English to Chinese students of various levels. I have learned several strategies in teaching English through the effective diverse training of the company and discovered the professional methods of planning and delivering lessons, assessing students and their progress, most of all, helping them to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. After Acadsoc, I became part of Long One English which is another ESL company based in China. Only after a few days from being hired, I became one of the most in-demand teachers of the company as I gained lots of bookings from students who believed my teaching tactics were suitable for them. Proudly speaking, I have generated numbers of satisfied students for the company. My teaching experience with Long One English helped me to develop the idealistic side of me as an educator. I was inspired to never stop finding techniques to make my methods more effective for my students. I realized that teaching English is not simply introducing the language and aiming for your student to master reading, listening, and speaking it. It is also a process of proper observations to be able to adapt to the teaching needs of your student. It requires time to hear the Acadsoc,s thoughts and opinions, so you could find your common grounds and proceed to the proper approach that would encourage them to be comfortable and perform. It is to conduct yourself with a positive attitude and build trust in the student so they can gain confidence. These are my objectives as an English Teacher.student Let's fall in love more with the idea of learning English. See you in one of my classes soon.



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