Richelle Seares

指導時間: 108時間
経験年数: 2年


Hello, I am Richelle Seares. Some people call me Rich. I grew up in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines. The life of living on an island was so simple and beautiful. As a dreamer, I was determined to go to the city for schooling and pursue my goals. I live now in Cebu City Philippines together with my siblings and grandmother. Some of my achievements include the Third Honorable Mention award during Junior High School Completion 2016 in the University of Cebu Main Campus, awarded by TESDA as National Certificate II Holder in Computer Hardware Servicing, High Honors award during Senior High School Graduation 2018 in the University of Cebu Main Campus, a College Scholar in the University of the Philippines from school year 2018 until present, and an official member of the University of the Philippines Political Science Society. I started working professionally during 2018 as an online ESL instructor until present. As of now, plans after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Arts Major in Political Science is to continue teaching ESL while I save for law school. My hobbies include reading, participating in debates, watching movies, cooking, writing, and travelling. Even at a young age, my experiences in teaching shaped me to become the person I am now. I learned a lot from my students as well. Teaching made me realize that it’s a two-way process. Now, I’m aspiring to continue to be an effective teacher that will not only have an impact on the lives of the students but will actually help them achieve their dreams. Lastly, I aim for lifelong learning because it can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities, and improve our quality of life.


I started my career during 2018 in a Japanese ESL company. After that, I gained another wonderful experience in a Chinese ESL company. Within two years of teaching ESL, I've encountered several teaching styles, strategies, and levels appropriate to the student. Also, I learned to teach different courses, conduct demos, and train with my colleagues. Furthermore, teaching Chinese children aging from 5-13 is a very wonderful experience for me. It's because students are eager to learn and very hardworking. I use creativity, songs, games, and interactive activities for learning to make them motivated and energetic. I plan and prepare for class especially coming on time. I use teaching aids such as flashcards, puppets, picture books, toys to help the student keep his or her attention on the screen. I make it to the point that they will be entertained while learning. I am hoping to be inspired by teaching students like you and I believe this learning experience will develop your skills and might even discover new ones as well



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