Mark Olaya

指導時間: 145時間
経験年数: 6年


"Hello!" "Hi!" "Hey there!" "Whats up?" "Greetings!" These are some ways to greet someone in the English Language, and if you want to know more, I am here to help. My name is Mark. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English from the Philippine Normal University-Manila. Currently, I am taking my Masters Degree in English Language Education. As an English teacher for six years, I have taught in the classroom and as well as online English. Most of my students are Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian and of course Filipino. I have taught a wide array of subject matter such as grammar and pronunciation, speaking and conversation, research and journalism, reading and literature. I am residing here in Manila, Philippines and enjoys reading books and binging on online TV shows and movies and loves to talk and discuss many things, a chatterbox as they say. My content expertise, excellent communication skills, discipline, competence and commitment in teaching and learning sets my edge as a teacher.


Since 2014, I have been a licensed teacher teaching English for high school students. I have handled various levels of learners from beginners to advanced and taught various disciplines such as Literature, Grammar, Journalism, Research, Oral Communication, Reading and Writing. I have been a coach for oral communication and oratorical contests, adviser for school publications, trainer for journalism and writing contests. I have attended various lectures, seminars and workshops on literature teaching, teaching reading and writing, journalism and media and information literacy. As a teacher, I ensure that the environment that students learn is conducive and has an encouraging atmosphere. I try to achieve this by letting students know that in learning, committing mistakes is natural, and how one responds to it and rectifies it matters. This enables students to break that barriers that hinders them especially in expressing themselves in the English Language, where students are very concerned and conscious in their language use. Also, by enforcing a conducive and an encouraging learning environment will also foster better cooperation and communication among students that is vital in the success of things they will be achieving not only inside the classroom but also to the world that awaits them outside.



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