Guiller Marila

指導時間: 67時間
経験年数: 6年


My name is Guiller Marila. My friends call me Guil. I am from the Philippines. I am already at my 30's, but my friends tell me I look young for my age. I think that is because I always like to have fun and enjoy things. I always think positively. I always try to look for something good in every bad thing that comes my way. I have always liked talking and sharing my thoughts with others. That is why I took up Diploma in Public Communication in College. However, when I found out that teaching children was fun, I shifted course. I now have a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and my Major is English. My hobbies include watching American TV series sports programs and movies which I learn a lot from. I am fond of reading books too and I actually have a mini library in my room. I am a music lover. I can sing while playing the guitar or the piano


I first experienced the joy of teaching when I was still 16 years old. I volunteered as a para-teacher for a Summer Prekindergarten Program sponsored by New Era University. I handled kids from four to six years old there. When it comes to teaching the English language, I started last April 2013. I believe that a single method and strategy in teaching will not work for all learners. Teachers need to utilize a variety of teaching method because every learner is unique. I believe that lessons should be tailored fit with the learners' information, needs, strength and weakness as well as their preferences and interest. We need to get as many information as possible about our clients so that we can use it to our advantages. We can do this by profiling students through initial interviews and needs analysis. I would like to use their profiles so that the approach will be more personal that way teaching will be much easier. Utilizing books, current events, news, stories, movies etc. can be of great help to reinforce the learning process.



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